Journal 2 - Impressions

After my kidnapping of Mayli, she doesn't trust me. How can I blame her? Being brought up a skilled mage only to be overcome by some bloody thief. Then to be dragged along on a long trip east and suddenly being told shes a princess and I'm her prince?! Ha! Castle Wolf is a disaster and couldn't convince a woodcutter's daughter of its noble history. Had I done more research and known that's who I was kidnapping things would be better. How could I be so stupid? I've left a lousy first impression. As far as I know she thinks I'm crazy and have stalked her and this was some sick plot to get after her. Non the less she still sticks around, curious I suppose if what I say does come from truth. With much tension between us I packed and saddled the horse and together we ride south along the Misty River to meet our new found allies. Mayli at least sees eye to eye with me on this cause against the Lord of Union 
...I need to steal a horse for her soon...

Posted on April 15, 2014 .