Journal 1 - I am Alden

I am Alden. When I was but a boy the Lord of Union attacked the Castle Wolf of Merchants Pass killing my family, the servants and guards all in attempt to kill what threatened them most. Me. I escaped through a secret passage opened by our dying wizard to save me. It led to his layer where I have stayed hidden. Throughout the years I had to fend for myself and I developed the skills as a thief and took odd jobs even that of assassination. While in my solitude in the decaying castle I researched why I was a target and found something astonishing. I am a prince, which explains a crest tattooed on my arm, all royalty has it. But why was such a young prince such a threat? The new born princess Mayli of the West Lands, to whom I was arranged to marry. This upset the Union Lord who thought his own prince should have her and the kingdom.. though he was far too old for such a consideration. In his rage he sent to murder me. Hearing about the genocide the princess of the West Lands was hidden. After being hired to kidnap a girl from the west temple by a secretive client I soon learned my target was her. Abandoning the job I took Mayli back to my castle and explained everything. I now must watch my back from the client known now to be the Lord of the Union. So we have joined the Guild of the Vow to help destroy the lives of those who have destroyed ours.

Posted on April 15, 2014 .