I am so amused.

After loud construction woke me in the early am two days in a row at The Graduates Hotel in Minneapolis, the manager was kind enough to change our room. Little did I know it was going to be a VIP Suite! It was the top floor corner unit, with a view of the skyline. The room had two bathrooms, a mini bar, and its own seperate bedroom. It was beautiful and decorated with as much Minnesotan charm as I could enjoy. Loved the hunting headboard and matching pillow on the bed. 


Tired from not sleeping well and with the jackhammer alarm clock, I enjoyed a long bath in the soaker tub then took a nap. Before I left at noon, I tucked my plushie of Alden in. 



When I  came back to the hotel something was different.



Someone had come into our room. Shampoo wasn't restocked, nor was the coffee. The trash still had my energy bar sitting at its bottom. What had changed was now there was a hockey blanket on the bed, over my robe and pile of blankets and pillows I was under. Just laid atop. Nothing else is different.


Alden must have ordered room service. Typical.


I still laugh about what the room service staff thought, seeing a tiny stuffed man with stitched on stubble all tucked in this massive king bed in the VIP suite. Yes I'm an adult... I'm just a writer.

Posted on November 7, 2017 .