Happy birthday to Nick Bateman and Fran Nardone who are my muses for the characters in my book. Yesterday I learned they share the same birthday, Nov 18. How am I not surprised? There has been so many strange and weird coincidences relating to my book, my characters and the models who I've linked to them. I can't even begin to explain. I would sound crazy. Likely am, who knows? 

Anyway, I thought it would be an appropriate time to introduce my two Main Characters; Alden and Mayli.


Alden has lived in the Shadowen Thieves Guild since Brimley was destroyed in the war. He's not the best thief. Awful really. He's clumsy, stumbles to pick a basic lock, and hates unjust killing, but his keen eye to observe, take notes, and sketch earn him a place among the shadows. Exactly what Alden hoped for so that he could find who really murdered the Queen of Ammos. However, the lack of trust in thieves gain him little answers. He's standoffish and snarky to most but a slip of a smile does shine through in the right company. Perhaps a even a playful laugh.

Princess Mayli holds her title to the surface like a shell. Taxing acts of keeping up appearances, following expectations, and having lady-like hobbies suppress her inner desires. After she is thrown into the world of thieves and Brimleyns she is torn asunder, learning the hardships of life beyond the safety of castle walls. Stubbornly she tries to hold up her pride, but it quickly shatters when she decides to help the mysterious thief, dying for her. Curious, playful, and outgoing Mayli works to get close with him, accepting not all Brimlyens are bad.

Posted on November 19, 2017 .