Make your vision become reality with a custom oil painting!

This 9x12 took 4 hours

This 9x12 took 4 hours

$100 hour

I work fast and efficiently.

Depending on the size and difficulty, an average painting can take 1-5 hours.

Larger and or more complicated ones can take up to 50 hours (such as my 30x48inch book cover art for “Asunder”)

Just email with me what you have in mind!

Example of my speed!

Example of my speed!

What I can and cannot paint:

*I specialize in portraits and animals from reference photos.

*I can do landscapes and still life, but do not specialize in it.

*I will not paint architectural or geometric subjects.

*I sometimes can do concept art when there is clear direction and reference photos provided, but I do not specialize in it.

*If I need to create or find references, extra fees apply.

*Book cover or like media. I keep and can sell the finished painting/prints while you keep rights to distribute for media and merchandising that is not an art print.