I saw this photo and was inspired to paint it and write a scene.

It is not in my book, but uses my characters.


Alden stepped up from his game of chess with his father. It had been a minuet since he had moved, his father liked to take his time. That or test his son’s patience. Alden didn’t mind. He’d already decided his next move regardless of what his father did, all options would result in the same and he’d finally beat him.

He gazed upon the painting of Brimley Manor above the mantle. Their home, looking foreign since the tower collapsed and the dam destroyed.

“Your turn,” his father announced.

Alden absently moved his queen into position and took a sip of Brim Tea with a knowing smirk.

As he sat back down he looked at the chess board. He froze. His queen was gone. In its place, was a rook. Alden looked up with an open mouth.

“Assuming your enemies next move so surely will cause kingdoms to fall my son,” his father said sternly.

Alden threw his eyes to the board looking for any chance of recovery. His brows furrowed and his tongue slipped out. There was nothing he could do now that she was gone. He shook his head and laid down his king.

Original reference from The Perception Movie


Posted on January 7, 2018 .