I spent the afternoon with Colin Owens!

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If you remember an earlier blog post back in August, I drew Colin as my main character, Alden. Then in October, I used an image of his as a writing prompt. I've continued to follow him, comment, and stay connected. Well, for one week he did a giveaway for Guess called #colinsminuetgiveaway 


Well, I won!

This earned me a bag of swag from Guess, which was awesome, but the real prize? Colin offered to meet up with me!

Of course I said 'Yes.'

It was my first time in Venice Beach, California, and it was a strange place. I felt as though I was in the Cad Islands in my book, which is like a pirate island, full of strange people and unique shops. I was just as overwhelmed as Mayli:

     She shook her head. “This place confuses me. It’s so mixed up. I feel like I’m in a dream.”

     A parade of shaved llamas, wearing colorful striped sweaters, trotted by. A dwarf-like man who sported the same look danced beside them. He rang a small bell attached to his little finger and sang an odd song about never really losing anything, and that what you have only transforms into something else. Alden could only guess it was an analogy between the wool becoming a sweater and one’s coin becoming the same. 

     Mayli tilted her head at Alden and presented the animals as if to further illustrate her point about the dream-like island.

     “You want me to get you one of those too? You’d look almost as cute as them,” he joked, eyeing the llamas with an amused smile.

Chapter Twenty-five
The Cad Islands
Asunder, Book one of the King's Renegade
A Vatan Chronicle


Colin found me behind Muscle Beach as I helplessly tried to sort out my surroundings. He called my name, spotting my unique, rogue attire. I had asked for advice on what to wear earlier and was given a honest response, "He's just a guy, be you." So I did. Colin smiled and greeted me with a warm hug. I had prepared myself to just shake his hand, so the gesture was appreciated.  

Needing a place to sit, we found a divider wall and overlooked the ocean. It was warm with a slight salt-kissed breeze, which helped mask the lingering smell of pee wafting from the building behind us.

We then exchanged gifts.

I received a bag full of random Guess merchandise; an amazing scented candle, sunglasses, a purse, and a bold watch we both agreed was a bit obnoxious. Colin was kind enough to put other random swag in like lotions, bracelets, and other beauty products. All of it was really cool, but again my real prize was meeting him. The bag of loot was just bonus.

To show my appreciation, I painted Colin his hands. Why his hands? Because he was awesome and shared a few of my paintings on his story. His favorite was "The Second Hour" a painting I had done in two hours of a woman's arm reaching for a man's hand. Hands are some of my favorite things to paint, so when Colin took interest, I was inspired to paint his, which are strong and attractive with his veins popping. Since I work at The Framing Corner I was able to get this beautiful custom frame on it.
The 5x7 oil on panel is titled "Own Hands" it is a pun of his last name.

"Own Hands"  5x7 oil on panel Hands of Colin Owens

"Own Hands" 
5x7 oil on panel
Hands of Colin Owens

He loved it. And I'm proud to have my work appreciated in his home.

We then talked for two and a half hours. He was extremely kind, expressing interest in my writing and painting. He asked what my book was about, and one would think, having spent since 2014 creating my story and my world I could easily say the pitch, but as it suddenly dawned on me that I was talking with an attractive model, one who looks a lot like Alden, who has connections, and perhaps opportunities to help. So, my ability to talk shut down. I couldn't find my words. I couldn't look at him. Instead, I searched the ocean waves as if they could lend me their loud voice. Finally, I spat my pitch out. But it was clumsy and weak. Hearing it out loud and so simply put, sounded embarrassing and silly. Nerves. Just nerves.

Colin didn't mind. He likely understood—the man is kind and humble.

With a nod, he said it was a cool idea. Relief. Colin then brought up how I reference Alden as Nick Bateman—which I'm sure had my face flush red—and said that he knows him. I hadn't expected that. He asked what my goals for my books were.

"Do you want to see it as a movie?" he asked.

I grinned, and laughed. What author doesn't? Seeing Asunder acted out would be a dream, for sure. Someday. Ideally it would be great to film a simple and short teaser. Clips to express moods of my book. Hooded figures, adventures, and scenery. I know a handful of people in the game industry, martial arts, and film who can help. It isn't impossible. Big goal is to Publish Asunder in May. Once I have momentum and a fan base to support me, I want to see about getting Nick Bateman to narrate it. I'd searched for voice actors who could play the part and achieve that, rough, sad yet hopeful, snarky voice I hear as Alden... Nobody stood out. Then I listened to a clip of Nick's, and it gave me chills. Of course he'd sound just like him. Clinging onto his voice I read my first chapter. It really was perfect. Since then, it has been my dream. Colin said he thinks it could be a reality, considering he knows the guy. He went on to tell me how chill and humble Nick was, and that at the end of the day he's a business man—if he sees potential, he might be down. Wow! Hearing that, by someone who knows Nick really kicked me into gear.

Dreams can come true.

I believe in it.

I believe in myself.

Anyway, I had a really good time. We laughed at a few of the oddities around the beach, like the duct tape ball guy, and the woman with hearing as fine as the make up on her face.... 

Thank you Colin for the opportunity and words of encouragement.

Colin Owens is a model and actor.
Catch him in Hawaii Five-0

Posted on February 15, 2018 .