The Vatan Chronicles

Alden knew life in the Shadowen Thieves Guild would cost him greatly, but when their next mission means abducting Princess Mayli Drake of Ammos, the price is too high. Defying the guild, Alden sets out to return Mayli safely home in hopes of restoring peace with the kingdom of Brimley.

Mayli feels as though her life has been torn asunder after being taken captive. However, if she is to survive, she must come to trust the renegade thief loyal to her mother’s killer. As Alden pleads for Brimley’s innocence, Mayli begins to question what she thought she knew about her kingdom’s enemies.

“A fun to read page-turner that delightfully mixes adventure, mystery, and romance in a balanced work.”
— Taylor Velazquez

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In my novel Asunder, Alden drinks a specific blend of earl gray tea I've named Brim Tea after the kingdom of Brimley. And now you can try it and drink along with him and Mayli when you read chapter 22, The Brew.

Alden adds a splash of sweet cream!

A Sample tin is only $5 and comes in an amazing tin case!

Art Prints of the cover:

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30x48 oil on canvas
Original Not for Sale

Limited and Unlimited Edition Prints Available:

  • Hand Embellished Giclee Canvas Print
    30" x 48" 3/25

  • Paper
    15" x 24" 1/100

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    12" x 19.375" Unlimited

Original Book Page art! Oil paintings and pencil drawings.

$48 each matted:

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Posted on September 14, 2017 .

What is Vatan?


Vatan is a land rich with stories to be told, heros to be made, and hearts to be won.

May you enjoy the discovery of this unique and beautiful world as much as I have.

Posted on January 1, 2017 .