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30x48 oil on canvas
Original Not for Sale

Limited and Unlimited Edition Prints Available:

  • Hand Embellished Giclee Canvas Print
    30" x 48" 2/25

  • Paper
    15" x 24" 2/100

  • Paper
    12" x 19.375" Unlimited

"Burden"  is LIz's prized piece as she painted it at a wonderful time in her life,
The piece won her Honorable Mention and a Staff Award during the Orange County Fair 2014. 

"Burden" is a large powerful piece that expresses the weight of life's struggles and the rogue's desire to fight past it . His hooded cloak is draped around him and is painted blue to show a sense of sorrow. His arms are tense and his hands are grabbing around his face and hood, ready to scrape away the pain. A watchful eye peers out of the shadows with determination and his lips are beginning to smirk mischievously, tasting the sense of freedom. Black surrounds the figure at the bottom evoking drama. The style "Burden" is painted is a mix of realism and abstracted strokes to capture the surreal feelings and ideas that haunt him.
The character I've developed from this piece, Alden, took over my imagination and inspired me to write a fantasy novel to express the burden he must overcome. Read the first chapter here: www.theartofliz.com/thevatanchronicles
The model is my cousin Dom which I posed and dressed him in my mother's antique woolen cloak.

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